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Bulk Candy

The only thing better than candy is candy that comes in bulk quantities! And that's just one of the many options you have with Las Vegas Sweets. From gourmet chocolates in nearly every flavor, to sweet and sour gummies galore, you can have all your favorite sweet treats by the dozen. Plus, when you purchase your candies in bulk you get the best deals! So really, it's a win win situation that you don't want to pass up on. So whether you're anticipating a party or special occasion that requires a nice spread of sweets or you just want to stock up on your own personal stash, Las Vegas Sweets has what you need right here.

Chocolate Coins & Poker Chips »

Chocolate Coins

Chocolate coins are almost a right of passage for any child. We all remember the feeling of seeing those shiny, golden coins with a sense of excitement. The best party? Carefully removing the intricate foil layer to discover a perfectly divine chocolate inside--a taste of sweetness unmatched by any other! Take a moment to explore our chocolate coin varieties below to bring back the nostalgia.
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Premium Chocolate »

Premium Chocolate

Ahhh chocolate. The true epitome of desserts. Sweet and rich, chocolate provides a more than satisfying appeal to all who taste it. But here at Las Vegas Sweets, we take our chocolates to the next level and offer what we refer to as our premium chocolate line. If you want sweetness unmatched by any other, explore our decadent premium chocolates below.
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Gummies and Chewy »

Gummies & Chewy!

Gummies are like a taste of your childhood. Their light, chewy texture brings you back to the days of a simpler time. And that's why we love them! At Las Vegas Sweets, we offer a classic range of gummi-based candies such as gummi worms and of course, gummi bears! Every batch offers unique flavor notes such as sweet and sour, fruity sweetness and other flavors that are sure to hit the spot perfectly.
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Hard Candy »

Hard Candy

Who doesn't love hard candy? For many of us, it's a great way to hit the spot and often times a favorite among kids of all ages. From classics like peppermints and jolly ranchers to candy drops and sour bon bons, we have every variety you could possibly want here at Las Vegas Sweets.
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Chocolate Covered Nuts and Fruits »

Chocolate Covered Sweetness!

Treats are none the sweeter than when covered with savory chocolate! For all your favorite snacks we offer the perfect paring of chocolate. Some of our enticing varieties include the classic chocolate covered raisins to more intriguing, bold creations like chocolate covered fruits and macadamia nuts! Get your pick of the batch by shopping online with us today. Have questions? Feel free to call us at (702) 399-0090.

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